Homemade Honey-Coconut Ghee

Update:  I made these for Christmas as little edible gifts, but I find that I’m making them still and it’s not January!  This can be a gift just for you and your kitchen… your belly won’t be mad, I promise :)

Very needless to say, I loooove ghee.  And I love honey.  And I love coconut.  So yah… the idea of a honey coconut ghee made me filled with glee {ghee = glee you know}.  Since Xmas is rolling right around the corner, I racked my brain for all of the little edible gifts I could make this year… typical Libra, I went through about fifty decision-changings at least.  It wasn’t until I thought of this magical concoction that I knew I’d found the perfect edible gift.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled with some sweetened-delicious-creamy-slightly-salty ghee?!  It’s like love in jar, ready to be spread on everything.

The beauty of it, besides the taste of course, is the ease of this recipe… I whipped these guys yesterday just before heading over to my fam’s.  I made three jars within a couple hours of the gathering and had them all done in time!  And I’m making a few more today for the fam and friends I see tomorrow.  It’s easy, quick, and so super scrumptious.  {Need ideas for what to spread this on?  How about waffles, or toast, muffins, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, oatmeal, or pancakes?!  Okay I’ll stop there… your imagination can take over now.}


You could easily make these look cute and gifty… like I said, I was in a huge hurry, so all I could manage to do was tie some tweed around them and slap on a little decorative paper with a note inside.  But really it’s what on the inside that matters… who cares what it looks like when it tastes like this?!  ;)


You could easily make this with pre-made ghee.  In that case, all you’d do is add the ghee, honey, coconut oil, and salt together and either whip it or stir it until blended and creamy.  That would cut out some of the time and make this simple treat an even simpler one!  I enjoy making ghee from scratch {it’s VERY easy} and figured I’d save a few bucks by doing it myself.  The cost of buying it at the store versus just buying some butter is a pretty significant difference.  But either way works, so choose what’s best for you!


Once the ghee is jarred, it will keep for months in the fridge… not that it will last that long ;)

P1090617This recipe makes three 8-ounce jars.  If you’d like to make a personal-sized portion, quarter the recipe.


16 tbsp unsalted butter  {preferably organic grass-fed}

8 tbsp coconut oil {this company makes a good raw one}

4 tsp honey {preferably raw}

1/4 tsp salt

*you’ll need little glass jars with lids… this will fill 24 ounces



To make ghee…

In a large pot, heat the butter over low-medium heat


Without stirring, let the butter cook down and melt slowly…

it will start to bubble- that’s the water cooking off

As it continues to cook, a white foamy layer will develop

That’s the milk solids (whey)… what you want is the clear liquid below it!


Continue to let it simmer… it should take about ten minutes for it all to separate


Using a spoon, carefully scrape off the top layer of foam


Discard the foam… that’s not the stuff you want


Get as much of it out as you can with the spoon…

it doesn’t have to be perfect though since it will get strained next


Next, using a fine sieve or cheesecloth (coffee filters work, too),

strain any remaining foamy particles until you have a clear foam-free liquid

To make traditional ghee, you would then allow this to brown slightly and then jar it,

however we are continuing on to the coconut-honey part now! :)


Return the ghee back to the pot (away from the heat)

Add the coconut oil to the pot


Then add the honey and salt


Stir well until completely mixed in {the oil and honey will melt into the ghee}

If you’d like, you can give it a teeny taste at this point to make sure

you like the ratios of saltiness to sweetness… adjust however you may want!


You’re just about done… easy right?!

If they aren’t already, sterilize and clean the jars {silly to even say, I know!}


Using a funnel {not necessary, but very helpful}, pour the ghee mixture into the jars


That’s it!


Cover them with the lids, refrigerate, and in about a half hour,

your ghee will begin to solidify and will be ready to gift… or use! :)

{About ten minutes after refrigerating them, I shook them up a little

and turned the jars upside down the that the heavier matter

wouldn’t solidify on the bottom.. not super important, but it helps to make it all settle evenly}


When you are ready to eat, simple scoop the goodness up and enjoy on your

favorite muffins, pancakes, sweet potatoes, squash, or whatever else you want it on…!  :)

Happy gifting and nibbling!!

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