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Photo Day!-1-2Hi, I’m Natalie!  I’m a teacher, blogger, food-lover, safe skin care fanatic, and soon-to-be mama too.  This is the story of how I fell in love with the safer beauty movement.  

If you care about what you eat or the chemicals in your cleaning products, then you'll surely care about this too.  It's a pretty major issue that's wildly ignored... time to change that.

My story...
Like many of you, I've spent years caring about what I eat and put in my body... yet unknowingly, failed to pay attention to what I put on my body for years.  I had absolutely no idea that daily, I was compromising my health by smothering toxic chemicals all over my skin- my biggest organ of all!

It wasn't until a few years ago when I read an article by the Environmental Working Group that it occurred to me I was doing it all wrong (the same non-profit organization that brings you the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen for organic food- they rate both food and products for safety).  I'd been trying to be mindful, but like many, was fooled by crafty marketing and sales.  I was stunned to learn that the sunblock I’d been wearing for years was filled with horrible things.  Toxins galore.  I thought I'd been choosing wisely, but turns out I'd been slathering harmful poisons all over my body for years and didn't even know it.

I wondered what else I'd been duped by.  I really hadn't questioned my safety until then- like so many of us, I’d assumed products were screened by the FDA.  

If it's on a store shelf, someone has to be monitoring it, right?  NOOO.  Turns out the FDA has just about zero control over the skin care and cosmetics we wear.  Crazy, right?

Our beauty industry is almost entirely self-regulated. 

The reality is that companies are allowed to use known toxins—ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruption—and craziest of all is they don't even have to tell us.  

The current laws state that companies do not have to disclose what's in their fragrance... it's a trade secret- proprietary information.  That wouldn't be a problem if a fragrance were indeed just a smell- an essential oil or two, but it's not that simple.  The law allows a "fragrance" to contain up to hundreds of ingredients without listing them.  This has unfortunately become a loop-hole for companies... they can include chemicals, preservatives, and toxins in their "fragrance" without telling a soul.  How are we to make informed decisions if we don't have the facts?

We know these ingredients are linked to cancer, we know they are endocrine disruptors messing with our hormones and our bodies as a whole.  To learn more about this, I highly encourage you to watch the documentary Stink!  It's now playing for free on their site here: Stink!


Once I started learning the industry truths, I began paying way more attention.  Of course we all have our things- maybe we can't give up hair dyes or a certain polish we love, but if we all just do a little bit better, we can make a whole lot of difference.

To realize now, 5 months pregnant, all the good I've done by just switching over to safer things the last few years... it makes me smile.  There's simply no better time to start than now.  It's bound to help our health, our loved ones, and our world as a whole.

When we know more, we can do more.  Knowledge truly is power. 

The Facts

Yep, you read that right- 1938! 

That’s over 75 years ago… a little thing called WWII has happened since then!! 😮

This number is now almost 1400.  Canada bans about 600.

As others' lists grows, the United States remains way way behind....

We've banned a measely 11!  Seriously? Some cats have that more toes than that. Embarrassing.  :/

Think about what you put on your skin every day- deodorant, shampoo, mascara, chapstick, whatever it may be.  How much do you actually know about them?

Only 10% to 15% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have any safety data at all.  Which means none of us really know what we're putting on our skin- every single day- 365 days a year- for decades of our lives!


Researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health published a study in 2013 that detected lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, and five other metals in many popular brands of lipsticks and lip glosses found in drugstores and department stores throughout the Unites States.  Wait, what?

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues such as cancer and infertility are on the rise- not because of genetics, but because of toxins in our environment- yet still, our FDA is not regulating this?  I simply do not understand.

40 years ago, 1/20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Today, that number is 1/7 to 1/8 women.  Only 10% of those women actually carry a gene for the disease.  The remaining 90% are from other factors, such as environmental toxins.
If we could be changing things, why aren't we?


You've already taken the first step- to better educate yourself about what's really going on.  Once you know, then you can start doing better.

There has been a lot of stir about this safer beauty movement lately.  (Check out one of the latest articles from the New York Times HERE.)  Seems everywhere I turn, people are posting about safer products, sharing articles about safer living, and are pushing for more transparency in the system.

I've spent the last couple of years searching far and wide for companies I can trust.  While I've found a few that truly are doing good for both planet and people, one won my heart over more than any other.  Maybe you've heard of it... a small little company making quite the scene lately: Beautycounter.

Beautycounter's taken the lead in this movement.  They're disrupting the industry, working in Washington D.C. to create new stricter safety regulations, and building a platform for education to spread awareness about this issue.  No matter what products you personally use and like, I hope you read some of this information and leave feeling more empowered to make safer choices moving forward.  In the wise words of Maya Angelou...

Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.

It's about progress, not perfection.  Little by little, we can make this better.

What's so fab about Beautycounter? I'll tell you...

Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard.  Their level of transparency is off the charts.  They're passionately educating the public so that no matter where people shop, they can be empowered to keep their families safe.

In March of 2013, a team of women came together to form a grass-roots company that would go against the grain.  Gregg Renfrew- founder, Mia Davis- previous head of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Christy Coleman- celebrity makeup artist on a mission to clean things up, teamed up to bring Gregg's dream to life.  With a name of many meanings, the new company symbolized a place for better beauty products, and more importantly, one that countered the current beauty standards.

On a mission to create safer products and challenge the government to make legislative changes, Beautycounter has now grown into something more.  (See more about their mission HERE.)

If you’d asked me a few years ago what I’d be doing today, I never would've said working with a skin care and cosmetics company.  I’m an elementary school teacher... I knew nothing about the cosmetic world.  Makeup schmakeup.

Yet here I stand today, proudly part of the this movement.  I've found the activist in me.  I am so passionate about spreading the mission and making sure people are educated about what they're putting on their bodies. It's changed me.  Once you learnt his kind of stuff, you simply can't unlearn it.

 Watch this video to take a closer look inside this mission... it's only a couple of minutes long, yet speaks volumes.


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There are several safer options out there.  If you happen to like what you see here, begin swapping out your products today.  You can go HERE to peep all of the products.  (There's a 60-day no questions asked return policy on everything.)  I'm always happy to help suggest safer alternatives, whether Beautycounter or another line- please reach out any time!

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fade-leftfade-rightA FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS...

Finding the right products online can be tough.  Here are some personal and customer faves to help you along!  If you'd like to explore further, peep our product Lookbooks... there's a Skin Care Beauty Book and a Makeup Beauty Book.   To browse online and shop, simply click HERE.

And remember, if you'd ever like some personalized tips and suggestions, feel free to utilize my Skin Care Survey HERE or simply shoot me a message at 🙂

fade-leftfade-rightSkin Care


The Cleansing Balm is my absolute favorite skin care product.  It has multiple uses, is great for all skin types, and without a doubt is the most raved about by my customers.  A little goes a long way... so this puppy will last you a very long time.  Rub a dime-sized amount all over your face, then wipe with a warm cloth for deep-cleansing, or sleep with it on overnight for a deep hydrating mask that's sure to leave your skin happy when it awakes.  I do the latter at least three times a week. 


One of our most popular products, the Charcoal Cleansing Bar is a must for men, women, and teens.  Used like a soap, this gem helps clear skin on the face, back, and chest.  With activated charcoal and an organic coconut oil base, it pulls the impurities from pores and detoxifies skin without over-drying it.  I suggest using it 2 to 3 times a week at first, then adjusting as wanted from there- in very few cases, those with naturally dry skin find daily use is too much.  Will last months and is great for the whole fam!



This Rejuvenating Night Cream is amazing... 100% of women tested liked it.  It is the softest feeling cream I've ever used by far, and is loved by both the women and men in my world.  It's great for nightly use, helps with signs of aging, and will keep skin will-hydrated too.  I adore it.


Like it's sister, the Cream Cleanser, this exfoliator is gentle and light, making it great for all skin types.  Jojoba beads and organic coconut oil leave skin happy and smooth... works well on face and chest too!


Rose water energizes and tones skin, plus helps set makeup too... triple bonus.  I often use it after I cleanse my face in the morning to awaken my skin.  Tip- keep it in the fridge for an extra refreshing spritz!



I love this sunstick!  I keep one in my purse at all times for spontaneous outdoor adventures.  It travels well, smells great, and goes on smoothly.  Fab for both face and chest.



One of the newest items in our collection, this Charcoal Mask is a fave!  With activated charcoal, peppermint, and ginger, it cleans, detoxifies, and pampers all in one. 🙂


Contrary to popular belief, our face needs oil!  As long as a high-quality plant-based oil, our skin really likes to have it.  Face oils help keep skin balanced, reduce oily break-outs, and keep it hydrated and happy.  Read more HERE.  Choose from three, depending on your skin needs.


dewskin-dew-skin_main_600Without a doubt, my FAVORITE makeup item.  I am obsessed with
!  It's an extremely light tinted moisturizer with SPF 20.  It leaves skin so soft and moisturized, plus keeps it sun protected all day long.  I go on long hikes and do not need extra coverage.  This is my must-have product every single morn!



It took years to make, but finally, there's a safe mascara that works.  This award-winning Lengthening Mascara adds length while conditioning lashes... but consider yourself warned, it does not come off easily.  Most love this about it, but be advised a good makeup remover such as coconut oil or a balm may be needed to completely get it off.    


A light translucent powder to set makeup and make things matte all day long.  Tip- dab a little around your eyes to help keep makeup from sticking... no one likes raccoon eyes. 😉


The Tawny/Whipser blush duo... a perfect combination of a subtle rose tone with a light little bronze.  Works well for lighter and olive tones, while I suggest the Apricot/Flamingo for darker skin tones or for those who like a more colorful look.  Similar concept with a brighter pop.  


I was always a powder blush fan, but lately I've started playing... and turns out, cream blush is fantastic!  Especially for those with dry or agin skin.  Use Hibiscus for a pinkish tone, Umber for a deeper bronzy tone, or Caramel- my latest fave for a natural nude look!


I wasn't a huge fan of glosses in the past- they felt too goopy and thick for my liking- but not these!  These lip glosses feel soft, light, and silky.  And I love the subtly tinted hues- currently fig, buff, peony, and dahlia are my faves.  Keep an eye out for new colors coming soon!




A sweet little duo so you can have two colors in one.  The Color Shade Eye Duos make eye makin' up easy and simple.  I love the pearl/champagne- it's a natural looking base that helps brightens the eyes, no matter the skin tone.  Use the pearl on the brow as a highlighter, and the champagne on the lid for a light golden glow.


The queen of under eye coverage, the concealer pen is a customer fave!  Paint a little right under the eyes to cover dark circles, decrease the look of puffy tired eyes, and brighten your face up.  Also great for blemishes and uneven areas.


fade-leftfade-rightBath & Body


Like that textured or beach hair look?  Then this Sea Salt Spray is for you!  A couple of spritzes and your hair will take on a whole new look.  Works for long, short, thin or thick locks.


An incredibly soft and smooth rich body butter.  Smells divine, doesn't feel greasy, and moisturizes even the driest of skin.  A customer fave!


fade-leftfade-rightWant more?  Browse the full line HERE

Thank you for reading, caring, sharing, and being part of this mission with me!!  ❤

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