Padron Pepper, Avocado, & Cheese Omelette

Padron peppers… drool.
I. really. love. them.
I’m always making omelettes.  They are one of the simplest breakfast treats out there.  I know, I know… some would press that they’re a feat to be accomplished, but truthfully, once you’ve made them a few times, there’s really nothing to it.  A little whisking of eggs, cooking in a pan, flipping over, and filling.  That’s it.  I think the biggest mistake people make is turning them into accidental scrambles by overcooking the eggs.  Keep that heat low, allowing one nice thin layer of egg to form, and then a happy omelette you’ll have.  But in the event that you are the type who tends to scramble (shhh, no one will notice it’s not on purpose!), I’ve included a picture below for you… this recipe is just as delicious as a scramble, too.  So no fretting.  I have made both padron omelettes and scrambles many of times… all will be good.

Padron peppers are typically served whole, as is with just a little salt.  But why not play around a wee?  With some cheese and a little hot sauce, this omelette tastes just like a chile relleno I tell you… a healthier lighter breakfast chile relleno I suppose.  :)
You can go with just padrons and cheese if you’d like, but avocado goes beautifully with these flavors and textures, so I usually throw it in with the goodness.  Other additions that would be good with this are tomato, onion, or even goat cheese.  Yep, goat cheese and padrons are a tasty duo… check out these goat cheese stuffed padrons HERE– my fusion-style take on a jalapeno popper!
I topped these omelettes with a Hatch chile sauce I recently made (recipe HERE).  It’s a slightly spicy pepper sauce very similar to the flavors of chile colorado or enchilada sauce.  I have been putting it on everything lately… and on these, it was just right.  Perfection actually.  If you don’t feel like whipping up some hot sauce (’cause let’s be real, who has that much time in the mornings?), any sauce will do.  Or no sauce at all… it’s tasty and mighty flavorful on its own, too.
As mentioned above, this recipe works great as a scramble, also.  Whether your scramble is on purpose, or simply because there was an omelette-boo-boo, rest assured this will still be a people-pleaser.  😉
Makes two 2-egg omelettes
approx. 20 padron peppers
1/2 avocado
handful grated cheese (amount varies depending on preference- I used cheddar & Monterey Jack)
4 eggs
splash of milk (I prefer whole milk, about 1 tbsp)
salt & pepper, to taste
olive oil, ghee, or butter
*you’ll need a small pan, preferably non-stick (an omelette-sized pan is ideal)
**Padrons are not spicy… they’re a mild pepper with great flavor.
That being said, eaters should be warned; they are also called
the “Roulette Pepper” for their random surprise spicy visitors.
While 99 percent are mellow and mild, every so often a hot guy will come say hello.
So consider yourself warned… though if you’re like me, a spicy bite every blue moon
is sooooo worth the delicious perfect bite the rest of the time.   :)
Cut the stems off of each pepper
Heat olive oil (or butter/ghee) in a small pan over medium heat
Add the peppers, whole with seeds, to the pan
Saute for about 5 minutes, shaking the pan every so often to move around the peppers,
until all sides are browned- slightly charred even
(the skin should be wrinkly and roasted looking)
Sprinkle a bit of salt over them
Roughly chop the pepeprs and then set aside while you prepare the omelette
In a small bowl, add the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper
Whisk it all together well with a fork or whisk
If using the same pan, give it a quick clean and dry it…
A non-stick pan is best so the egg slides around in the pan easily
Melt a teensy bit of ghee or butter in the pan (optional)
You want the heat to be low-medium
Add half of the egg mixture, making sure it evenly covers the whole pan
Let it cook for a few minutes… if the egg mixture is thick
(this will depend on the size of your pan of course), use a fork to
move around the egg in the center of the pan so that it cooks evenly
Otherwise, just roll it around every so often to ensure
even cooking (so that the middle isn’t thicker and cooking slower than the edges)
You’ll know it’s ready to flip when you can wiggle the pan and the egg comes loose
(it should move as one layer)
Once ready, either flip the omelette in the air to turn it over
(this can feel intimidating, I know) or use a spatula to help to flip it over
Alternatively, you can slide it out onto a plate and
then use it to flip the omelette back into the pan
If you had a stove that tends to be extra hot, turn the heat to low now… 
we don’t want your omelette to be overcooked when you flip it :)  
Always better to error on the safe side…
Top the egg with half of the cheese
I like to spread it over the whole thing so that when folded,
melted cheese is on both the top and bottom of the omelette
While the cheese is melting, get your fillings ready…
Chop the avocado and get your padrons near!
Lay half of the avo and padrons over the cheese
(for this, I place it over one half to make plating easier)
At this point, things should be done… give it a quick check by
wiggling the pan around and making sure the omelette slides easily
Slide the omelette out onto a plate, using the angle of the pan to fold it
(If easier, you can just slide it out and then use a spatula to fold it,
though I find the pan method quickest and simplest)
Top the omelette with whatever topping you like…
I used the Hatch chile sauce I just made (recipe HERE)
It made it taste like a chile relleno omelette!
Topping or not, enjoy!!

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