Grilled Fig & Peach Toasts w/Goat Cheese & Rosemary-Honey Drizzle

Since I became obsessed with these guys HERE, I decided to whip up a recreation of sorts… a peachy recreation, with stone-fruits being in season and all {peaches, nectarines, etc}.  Man, now I have two toasty treats I can’t stop eating!
Every since discovering grilled fruits a couple of years back, I simply can’t stop concocting grilled treats.  Both my grilled peaches recipe HERE and the grilled fig toasts HERE {also mentioned above} involve a similar concept… grilled fruits with a rosemary drizzle, so they were the inspiration for this I suppose. 😉
There’s just no way you can really go wrong with grilled fruit with goat cheese (or ricotta or mascarpone) on toast.  I mean, I suppose you could torch the fruits… don’t do that.  Bleh.  But you really can’t create a horrible dish assuming you don’t char anything.  It’s just gonna be good.  Yep, it’s that simple.  Simple and good.

Since both figs and peaches are in season right now- overflowing really- it seems like the perfect summer/fall treat.  A mighty grand way to enter September.  :)
Figs are so beautiful.  You’ll notice in the post directly below this one, I came upon a plethora of figs in my mom’s yard, so made fig jam.  It’s a figalicious time of year… figs are-a flowing!
{There is really no need to measure things out with this one… you just need these basic ingredients}
2 peaches
8-10 fresh figs
goat cheese
1 loaf of bread of your liking (baguette, ciabatta, etc.)
dollop of ghee (or butter)
 for drizzle…
honey and ghee (or butter), equal parts (about 1-2 tbsp each)
a fresh rosemary sprig
Preheat grill- you want it hot!
(If needed, oil the grates a bit to make it non-stick)
Start by cutting all of the fruit in half
Lay the fruit face down on the grill
After a few minutes, check the fruit for grill marks…
Once you see a few, remove the fruit from the grill
Looks good, ya?
Let everything cool a bit before handling
Slice the figs into thin slices, lengthwise
Cut the peaches into thin slices… I find it easiest to cut them face down
Go ahead, eat a few… you know you want to 😉
Now for the toast…
Slice bread into thin pieces
Heat the ghee (or butter) in a small bowl… if you have a brush grab that, too!
Brish some ghee onto each pece of bread
Lay the bread on the grill to toast
(Alternatively, you can toast in in a toaster or oven if preferred)
Once you see grill marks, remove the bread and let cool
Meanwhile, begin making the drizzle…
Heat ghee (or butter) and honey in a msall pot over low-medium heat
Toss in the rosemary sprig with it
Let the sauce cook for a few minutes, until everything is melted
Keep over a low heat until ready to use
(If you find your sauce is stickier than you’d like, simply add more ghee)
Now to assemble…
Spread goat cheese over each piece of toast
Use how much ever you like… I realize recipes usually have measured amounts, but it just didn’t seem necessary with this as it will all depend on preference and how many you’re making! :)
Top the goat cheese with peaces and figs, alternating fruits
Serve on a platter and then lightly drizzle the rosemary0honey sauce over each toast
That’s it!

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