Creamy Avo-Feta Dip {& Avo-Feta Stuffed Peppers}

creamy avocado feta dip

I know I know, I’ve said it about 2,ooo times before, but in case you’re a first-time reader… I LOVE finger foods!

Anything I can pick up and devour within seconds without the use of any utensils whatsoever, I’m a fan of.  So when I started crafting up this little dip here, I simply had to make sure there was some forkless nibbling involved.  Two ways to serve it = two times the finger-food action 😉


I have to say, I’ve been feeling pretty creative lately… my spontaneous inventing has been in full force.  The past few weeks, I’ve been getting mighty lucky with my kitchen MacGyver-making madness.  I’ve always been a spontaneous little cook- a random concocter shall we say- but these days, each and every concoction has been working weirdly well.  Things I didn’t think would work at all- those suspenseful moments of pulling something new out of the oven, face scrunched and curious- have been working like a charm.  There was that Pumpkin Chili, the random Chicken Pot Pie w/Sweet Potato Crust, and of course my newest fave recipe in the entire world (seriously), Roasted Butternut Squash, Beef, & Cauliflower Bechamel Layer.  I better stop there- I’m going to jinx myself!  Point is, I’ve been getting lucky.  And this weird little blend was no exception.  Avocado and feta dip… wha??  But it works.  Hope this luck doesn’t run out soon.  😉


It was Giants season… I think the last game of the World Series actually.  I was going to watch at my uncle and aunt’s, so had said I’d bring something appetizer-y to share with the bunch.  Running late from work with no ideas in mind, I busted out some avo and feta, a little lemon, and onion and began mixing away.  Tasting it carefully with each pulse, I found myself quite surprised that this combo worked as well as it did.  Since I love stuffed foods, I thought it’d be tasty in some mini bell peppers- finger food score.  But I also wanted some as a dip, and since I had these beautiful baby heirloom carrots hiding in the fridge, I figured they’d make the perfect accompaniment for the creamy little dip.  Turned out everyone loved it.  My aunt even called the next day and asked for the recipe to recreate it herself.  People like things that are quick, easy, and mini.  😉


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2 avocados

4 oz feta cheese

1 tbsp diced red onion

1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper


for stuffed peppers: 10-15 mini bell peppers

for veggies w/dip: any veggies you like such as carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, snap peas, etc.



Roughly chop the avo, dice onion, and measure out feta

(Typically, a hunk of feta comes in 4 or 8 oz- in that case, just quarter or half it)


Add the avo, onion, and feta to a food processor or blender

(Alternatively, you can add all ingredients at once- I took pics of each step, so that’s what I’m showing!)


Add the parsley, lemon juice, salt, and pepper


Blend until super smooth and creamy


That’s it!

Taste and adjust seasonings as desired


If you’re serving this as a dip, scoop the dip into a bowl and surround with veggies of your choice

(Parsley garnish optional)


For stuffed peppers, slice each of the mini bell peppers in half

Clean out the centers and remove seeds


Some peppers may sit wobbly- to help them sit flat, carefully slice a teeny piece of the bottoms off

Only a few should need this- some will be stable enough on their own


Scoop the dip into each pepper half, filling them good and full 😉


And that’s it… enjoy right away, or refrigerate for later munching :)


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creamy avocado feta dip

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