Stuffed Baby Bells {with Manchego, Garlic, & Arugula}

This is my new favorite snack. it’s official.  It’s super easy, super quick, and suuuper delicious.  I had a plethora of mini peppers on hand… and since I LOVE finger foods (especially stuffed foods), turning these little bad boys into something stuffed and mini made perfect sense to me.  I’ve had manchego-stuffed peppers many times, mainly in Spain, and totally adore them- so manchego it was.  I added some fresh arugula and garlic (sautéed in ghee, of course), and bam… perfect finger food made.


I loved these so much that right after making this batch, I went over to a friend’s house and made another batch for her to enjoy.  We gobbled them all up in a hot minute- they are that good.  What impressed her even more was that they were done, from start to finish, by the time we’d just barely starting enjoying our wine!  Quick and yum… two things I like.  Especially when hungry ;)


If manchego is tough to find at your local grocery store, try Costco or Trader Joe’s, if you have them near.  I bought a hunk at Costco recently… a happy purchase indeed.  Manchego is so good- it’s a sheep’s milk cheese from Spain with flavors similar to pecorino or parmesan, but is a bit more subtle and versatile, like a white cheddar.  It’s great with crackers, melted over veggies, and for stuffing of course.  I’ve been going crazy with the stuff…


If making these for a potluck or are transporting them, you can easily prep them ahead of time by making the filling and stuffing them, then cooking them when you get to your location.  Since they only take about 5 minutes to broil, it’s an easy thing to finish at someone else’s home without taking up their oven for too long.  :)


Ooey gooey goodnes…


makes ten stuffed peppers


1o baby bell peppers

1 cup arugula leaves, plus more for garnish

1 cup grated manchego cheese

1 tsp finely minced garlic

1 tsp ghee (or butter)

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp black pepper



Preheat broiler

Grate cheese, finely mince garlic, and rinse and dry arugula (if not washed already)


Heat ghee over low-medium heat in a skillet or pan

(if you want t use the same pan for the stuffing and peppers, use a cast iron or other oven-proof pan)

You can make your own (see the “Ghee” tab at the top of this site) or you

can buy some super tasty ghee from Pure Indian Foods HERE!


Place the minced garlic in the ghee

(placing it directly in the ghee helps prevent burning)


Add the arugula

Saute for 2-3 minutes, until arugula starts to wilt


Add the arugula and garlic mix to a small mixing bowl


Add cheese- stir until well-mixed


Now to the stuffing!

Slice the tops off of each pepper


Using your fingers, stuff the cheese-arugula mixture into each pepper- press down to pack it


Continue until all peppers are stuffed


Rub a little ghee over the pan (optional)

Add peppers


Broil the peppers for about 5 minutes, until browned and bubbly- char on peppers is good :)

Cheese may be oozing- totally fine… and delicious!

(Careful- even a minute too long in the broiler can turn your peppers to charcoal)


You can slide the cheese back into the peppers easily if needed…


Serve over fresh arugula and enjoy!!


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