Breakfast Caprese Stacks {Tomato, Basil, Buffalo Mozzarella, Avocado, & Egg}

Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy for caprese.  I love caprese everything… the combination of tomato, basil, and mozzarella is just so darn delicious.  I’m obsessed.  Why I haven’t thought of a breakfast caprese stack is beyond me.  I’ve done caprese omelets, caprese scrambles, caprese sticks… I thought I’d covered it all, but nope- I’d left one incredible creation out.  Breakfast caprese stacks are the perfect simple light breakfast treat… it’s decided.  I boiled my eggs just between medium and hard, though you could make them however suits you.  I threw in some buffalo mozzarella, ’cause ummm, who doesn’t love that!?  And of course had to sneak in a layer of avocado too, ’cause I love avo in everything.  :)


All in all, this takes about 10 minutes makes- not bad.  It’s a quick little treat that fulfills not only the taste buds, but nutritional needs, too!  Love when I can can conquer both in one sweep :)


I played around with the stacks.  I love finger foods, so tend to get carried away when stacking.  I started going nuts stacking all of my goods for these stacks.  Then it hit me; how was I to eat this monstrous stack?  So I simmered down my stacking craze and shortened them to be more easy to take on.  As fun as stacking stuff is, no one wants a pile they can’t manage… this tower was bound for badness.


These need to topping at all, but if you’re feeling fancy, a hollandaise-type sauce or pesto would be divine.  I enjoyed them just as is, but as a self-proclaimed condiment queen, I;m always up for some saucy goodness, too.


serves two


2 eggs

3 medium-size tomatoes

1 avocado

1 4 oz fresh mozzarella ball (I use buffalo)

small handful basil leaves, any variety you like

salt and pepper, to taste



Begin by boiling eggs…

I wanted medium-hard boiled, but you could certainly lessen

the time for soft-boiled or increase the time, if desired.

Add water to a small pot until it comes up about 1 inch from the bottom

Heat the water to a slow boil- then add eggs, cover, and

let them steam for 7 minutes… the water should be hot, but not rumbling

(For hard-boiled, 10 minutes is good, for softer, about 5-6)


While the eggs are cooking, begin prepping the remaining ingredients…

Slice the avo however you want- I wanted all of my slices to be round, so I cut it in

half opposite from how we usually do… doing so makes circles rather than oblong ovals

Doesn’t matter how you slice it though- you just want slices. about 1/2 inch thick


Once the eggs are done, run them under cool water

and peel (I use a spoon to help the layers of shell come off easily)


Slice the eggs into thins pieces

Slice tomatoes and mozzarella and rinse basil leaves (if not already clean)

You want everything similar sizes…


That’s it… ready to assemble!


Avo is best on bottom, as it’s the most sturdy

The order of the rest doesn’t matter too much, but I did avo, mozzarella,

basil, tomato, egg, and then one more basil leaf


Sprinkle with salt and fresh group black pepper

That’s it- enjoy!!


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